Bahia 21 is proposing a range of medical systems and health care/hospital management solutions.

DRD01 Low dose X-Ray digital imaging system


  • Radiographic examination of thorax and abdominal organs 
  • Mass prophylactic medical examinations 


  • Radiation dosage reduced by tens 
  • Increased contrast 
  • Elimination of x-ray films and processing 
  • One image projects soft tissue and bony structures 
  • Digital data acquisition, transmission, display, processing and storage 
  • Unlimited resources of digital image processing

Software based on PACS standard program for X-Ray emitter management and user program with the following enhancements:

  • Image brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Image fragment zooming
  • Inversion mode
  • Density measurement at any point in the image
  • Gamma ray protection
  • Construction of image density using vertical or horizontal cuts