Explosives Detection

Around the world, our MO-2M remains the lightest and most sensitive explosive detector. MO-2M was already capable of detecting most commercial and military explosives based on NG, TNT, PETN, RDX, and TATP. To address the needs of our customers, MO-2M has recently been upgraded to detect Ammonium Nitrate (AN) based explosives.

Bahia extended its portfolio with MO 2D for access control of sensitive sites or military base and with MO 2DT to address Airport market just focused on trace detection.

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I.E.D Protection

Suspicious objects are treated as possible IEDs, and today, portable RF jammers provide the only protection against remote controlled IEDs. To avoid the major drawbacks of such systems (strong electromagnetic interference, radiation safety issues), BAHIA-21 is proposing SIZO, a new solution that precludes the triggering of IEDs by cell phones or other RF means.

Bahia has created the SIZO family with
SIZO-F to protect fixed site ( Ex prisons), SIZO –M to protect VIP and small convoys and SIZO + to protect long military convoy. SIZO-M is the only available blocker capable to inhibit any mobile phone including 3G phone at a distance of 1 km 360 ° around the vehicle.

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BAHIA-21 and its partners have developed a system to track and report personnel and vehicles movements, and to manage access. The system called MOTA/VETA (Mobile Tag/Vehicle Tag) uses a mix of passive or active RF tags and a network of readers and interrogators to track at various ranges all movements on a large area.

Bahia is also offering a turnkey solution for vehicle tracking with a multilingual interface including Arabic.The system called Eyemanager is already in service in many countries including the Middle East.

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Latest News

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(6 - 8 OCTOBER 2015 | Kempinski Hotel Amman)
BAHIA21 is gold sponsor of the 4th Edition Middle East Homeland Security Summit.
(6 - 8 OCTOBER 2015 | Kempinski Hotel Amman)
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MO 2M is now Android compatible and can be operated with any Android tablet.

Iraq: Sales to Iraq fully completed at customer satisfaction.

Success Story

BAHIA-21 Corporation, along with its partners, is bringing to the market innovative technologies and solutions.
Since 2003, BAHIA-21 has positioned itself as a leader of security systems by offering the most efficient handheld explosive vapor detector (MO-2M family) of the market.

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Bahia 21 is an expert in high technologies applied to software, embedded software, military software.

At Bahia, we can handle all kind of software from firmware to PDAs and large applications such as the one we are working on for Health Management System. 

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